Windows 11 gets a security fix – but it has broken some PC games

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Microsoft recently released a security fix for its windows 11 operating system. Unfortunately, the update came with an unfortunate side effect — it has broken some pc games.

The security fix was intended to help protect windows users from malware and other online threats, but many gamers have reported that certain older games no longer run after the update is installed.

Some reports indicate that the error lies in a code named «msi patch» which is used by several popular titles, such as rise of nations and age of empires iii.

Game developers have been hard at work trying to fix the issue, but for many gamers it is too little too late. With no quick solution at hand and fans unable to play their favorite titles on their pcs, many are starting to feel frustrated and powerless — even more so when they remember that microsoft had prior knowledge of this issue before releasing the update!

Many have questioned why microsoft didn’t make sure all games would be unaffected before issuing out its new patch. Interestingly enough, not all games are affected by this issue; only those with certain versions of msi patch code seem to be impacted by this change. It begs the question why some games are running without any problems while others can’t get past loading screens anymore — highlighting just how varied game development processes can be.

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