Metal Gear Solid 6 – everything we know so far

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With the 35th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid having passed, there’s no sign of a sixth game in the series. However, this doesn’t mean that Konami is done with the franchise – but the likelihood of the series continuing is pretty much zero. The series is entangled with the name of its creator, Hideo Kojima, and his departure from the company has left it struggling to continue without him. This may sound pessimistic but it’s based on facts; Hideo Kojima is busy with his new studio and Death Stranding so a collaboration for Metal Gear Solid 6 simply isn’t going to happen.

Metal Gear Solid is one of the finest games I’ve ever played; the story by series-writer and director Hideo Kojima is fantastic, the music is superb, and the direction spot on. Its visuals are a little dated now but it still has a style that’s hard to replicate. And while its early stages start off simple the more you play the more layered and memorably complicated it gets. From twisted love affairs to the climactic battle with a nuclear bipedal tank, it’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Taking place in the prequel era of the series, the original Metal Gear Solid tells the origin of fan-favorite operative Big Boss aka Naked Snake. Pulled out of self-exile by old associate Colonel Roy Campbell, Snake is sent to infiltrate an Antarctic base containing a group of soldiers who have formed an uprising and threatened to nuke the United States unless their demands are met.

It’s up to Snake to re-establish his relationship with Campbell, rescue two scientists and face his past demons as he battles a host of mini bosses including Revolver Ocelot (Voiced by Patric Laine), a Western-style gunslinger and expert interrogator armed with a Colt Single Action Army; Sniper Wolf (Voiced by Tasia Valenza), a superhumanly fast preternatural sniper; Vulcan Raven (Voiced by Peter Lurie), a hulking Alaskan shaman equipped with an M61 Vulcan torn from the wreckage of an F-16; and Psycho Mantis (Voiced by Doug Stone), a psychic profiler and psychokinetic. It’s a brilliant tale that is packed with surprises and thrills and is easily one of the most immersive experiences on any console.

A remake is a good idea for the classic PlayStation 2 version. The graphics may look a little dated but it’s a great way to experience the game for those who missed out on its release in the first generation of the console. It also gives Konami the chance to update the game’s graphics and add some new features.

The rumors surrounding the release of this remake aren’t very positive. Areajugones, the website that leaked this information, has been known to publish inaccurate leaks in the past and doesn’t have enough backing from other sources to validate the rumor. This may seem to sour the taste of a potential announcement but don’t be discouraged, it could just be a false alarm.

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