Starfield patches in a round of fixes while sacrificing the infinite money glitch

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Bethesda games are well known for their glitches and exploits, and while Starfield may be more polished than some of the studio’s previous titles, players have already discovered a few fun little loopholes. Among them: a way to rack up functionally infinite money just by crouching down in the correct spot and plundering vendor inventories hidden in plain sight. Bethesda has already patched that one, and now it’s fixed a few more of the game’s other fun little issues.

This update, 1.7.33, aims to tackle “top issues” on Xbox Series X|S and PC and includes some cargo load of performance and stability improvements as well as a few economy-saving fixes. More importantly, it also resolves some of the game’s most famous bugs, including a puddle glitch that allowed players to access vendor inventories through seams in the ground and a bug that let players own space stations like The Den as personal starships.

A few more noteworthy changes include the resolution of some glitches that could result in quest blockers on All That Money Can Buy, Into the Unknown, and Shadows in Neon. The update also addresses some graphical issues, such as the removal of blurring on the ship’s hull and an issue that caused some stars to appear too dark in the game’s night sky.

Those interested in checking out the full patch notes can find them on Bethesda’s website. They’re fairly detailed, so it might be a good idea to read through them in case you have questions or concerns.

The Starfield Community Patch (SCP) is a community project set up to fix many of the problems Bethesda accidentally left in its vanilla Starfield experience. The project’s core team consists of four members: two development-focused users and two experienced modders who have worked on Elder Scrolls and Fallout games in the past. They’ve already reported a number of bugs and have plans to work on more as the SCP grows.

In terms of features the SCP is working on, you can expect to see highly requested options like an FOV slider and a button to quickly eat food you find out in the world instead of losing it in inventory. The project also plans to add official DLSS support for Nvidia GPUs and a HDR Calibration Menu, as well as an optional texture upscaling option for AMD users.

As a final note, the SCP has confirmed that it would love to have the Unofficial Patch team join the effort and is actively looking for people to step up as caretakers, as well as modders who are willing to help with the patching process. The Unofficial Patch team are well-respected in the community and deserve the chance to lend their expertise to this great cause, so be sure to spread the word about the SCP to them if you can.

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