Delta Force: Hawk Ops gets full reveal in explosive new trailer

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Publisher Level Infinite and developer TiMi Studio Group have fully revealed Delta Force: Hawk Ops at the opening for Gamescom 2023. The free-to-play tactical first-person shooter reboot will offer a campaign mode inspired by Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down movie along with large-scale player-versus-player multiplayer battles. It’ll be available for Windows PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), PlayStation consoles, iOS devices and Android phones.

The original Delta Force game started as a PC exclusive in 1998 and made its console debut four years later on the PlayStation 1. The franchise spawned a few sequels and spin-offs until NovaLogic released a disappointing Delta Force: Xtreme 2 in 2009. The series went silent for nearly a decade until THQ Nordic bought the rights to the brand in 2016. Now TiMi is developing a fresh entry built using the Voxel Space engine called Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

Its trailer offers a glimpse of the game’s lush South American jungle terrain. Players can deploy a variety of weaponry and take on opponents as the Assault class, demonstrate superior tactics with the Engineer class, heal teammates and create havoc with the Support class or snipe from far away as the Recon class. The game will also feature a campaign mode that allows players to experience authentic and thrilling battles from the movie.

The trailer also teases an “immersive” PvP mode that will allow players to take part in large-scale combat on ground and air, letting them experience a grand war. Those who prefer playing alone can use the single-player campaign, which will see them lead Team Sabre Squadron on missions based on actual events from real wars.

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